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By abbeymanor (anonymous) | Posted February 17, 2015 at 23:54:11

just a thought in regards to the ODSP
being a single parent, not by choice, but due to the child having disabilities
being on ODSP and being able to own my families home, which most ODSP families should have this option, the amount of ODSP is not enough, and my mortgage is more than the shelter allowance, so being single and seeing another adult on ODSP, being brutally taken advantage of, I offered a room to let, for $600.00 a month this includes, all utileties, tv, cable, internet, phone, and the use of the whole home.
ODSP will give that single, $600.00 to pay, me, the home owner, and turns around and says on the ODSP statement, that I have an income boarder, and reduces the allowance to my family, by, $357.00 so actually I receive $243.00 for this person to live in our home, this doesn't make any sense to me.
This is really stupid, the person will take longish showers 15 minutes, leave lights on
in the home,watch tv, and cook and leave dishes, and do loads of laundry all this is perfectly great and fine, and each person is entitled to have these I their life, but for ODSP to take $357.00 from my ODSP payment that is taking food from my special needs global delayed, autistic kid, who only eats fruits vegetables, cheeses, shephards pie, spaghetti, burgers, and pea soup and alpha getti, pb and banana, yogurt, chicken breast and mashed potato, and niblet corn, this is crazy bad shit. please assist and support, positively I am not on this damned stupid, poverty stricken, odsp bc I want to be, I am on it, bc I need to raise my developmentally delayed child, this is the only way, OW wont give us anything, and an apartment, a one bdrm in Ottawa is 1 thousand dollars.then what do I do

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