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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted February 18, 2015 at 16:51:37 in reply to Comment 109279

I agree that odd hours are a major drawback.

However, it would be a big improvement if they stuck to the advertised hours and ensured all stands are actually open for business until 6pm. On Saturdays some stands start shutting down as early as 3pm and some don't bother opening at all during on some week days (one stand would put up a sign saying "sold out" to make it seem like they actually had opened, but somehow managed to sell out by 10am on a Thursday!)

If the stallholders don't want to stay open until 6pm, then change the official hours!

Presumably they would get more customers from office workers in the mall if they were fully operational until 6pm, or even 6:30pm, so people could easily pick some food up on the way home from work.

Adding a handful of street parking spaces is just grasping at straws, especially now they've gone back to free parking at the parkade. Some people might complain about parking, but there are clearly more fundamental issue. As with the bus lane issue, if customers are not willing to cross the street to go to your business, something is wrong (remember that customers often have to walk farther when they park at a big supermarket!).

And I agree with Ryan that it is mystifying that what were supposed to be major features of the renovation (the sliding glass walls on the street, space for outside vendors in the summer) have been forgotten. Even the cafe area next to York is pretty dead looking from the street with minimal seating or activity (the cafe itself took over a year to actually open, with the space filled with cardboard boxes in the meantime). And, if they add back the street parking does that mean they will oppose the summer street vendors?

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