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By paranoid pedestrian (anonymous) | Posted February 19, 2015 at 15:07:35

I gots to tell ya, that as a healthy walker/long-time paranoid pedestrian, crossing York has been near collision-land for me, waiting & using the light, esp. at the Park St crossing. Cars coming south on Park turning left [east] on York often not only don't yield, they seem to be trying to collide with people. And I walk quickly. Also, last summer a middle-aged male bicyclist, who looked like a dis-barred lawyer for the mob, was angry and swore at me when I moved back as he proceeded through a red light at York & Park as I was about to cross York. I COULD generalize to all bikers, but I won't 'cause I like to tell the truth. I yield to bikesters when I drive. And has thousands have mentioned, the car speed on York/Wilson eastbd is vooom

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