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By jason (registered) | Posted August 27, 2007 at 22:17:07

doing research it becomes quite clear that streetcars or LRT is a much smarter move than BRT. not just in terms of operating costs, passenger loads and lifespan, but also in terms of economic development (which we are always told is top of the list at city hall). It should then come as no surprise that rumours out of the HSR are that they prefer BRT and may explore LRT at a later date. Only in Hamilton would we even think of going down that road with the province offering to pay a huge hunk of the capital costs to establish light rail in the city. Keep pushing your councillors and mayor. Some of them are keen on LRT instead of BRT, but if history is any lesson (and it always is) the HSR does what they want, how they want for whatever reasons they want.

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