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By casey1 (anonymous) | Posted March 09, 2015 at 11:56:32

It only stands to reason that most people on this site fail to realize that we live in a democracy where the majority vote rules. Thankfully the 11 councillors who voted for the increased investment in the current bus situation realize that the Province only committed to funding without specifying a time line. David Dixon has put some reality into the city with a plan that makes common sense a priority. Also the comparisons to Kithener Waterloo fail to realize that Regional Council has deferred a large portion of this years transit related tax increase to subsequent years after considerable public backlash. Councillors have finally demonstrated that this term of Council will be governed by common sense and that we no longer have to worry about transit being neglected in our city. Transit taxes collected by Waterloo Region this year amount to $24,000,000. Anybody that believed LRT was coming to Hamilton with no connection to the new Go Station is not being realistic. Transfers from LRT to a bus shuttle is just poor planning. MetroLinx is all about connectivity and David Dixon realizes this and has finally made up for years of transit neglect and attached the dollar figures to make it happen.

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