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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted March 09, 2015 at 14:07:26 in reply to Comment 110071

It really would be surprising (or maybe not ;) if the Province and Metrolinx accept the $302 million local bus request (which has had no BCA, no outside analysis and is clearly not for rapid transit), over the B-line LRT which has been extensively studies since 2007 and had a positive BCA review in 2010. Not to mention that $302 million request did not appear at all in the Rapid Ready report Council submitted to the province in 2013. And that there has been no consultation whatsoever on the $302 million project.

Don't forget that the province already invest $3 million in Hamilton's Rapid Ready team to contribute to the EA, 30% engineering design and consultation process.

It would be extremely cynical of the province to just throw all that due process and careful analysis away and send Hamilton $302 million over 10 years just to save money in the short term. You would hope they would at least do an opportunity cost analysis (the cost of not building the LRT). Actually, you would have thought the City would have done it, instead of making a last minute decision to turn everything upside down after just telling the Premier that B-line LRT with 100% funding of capital costs was our first choice!

Has Dixon actually explained how he thinks his proposal makes it more likely that Hamilton will get funding for LRT (as he claims)? Has he explained concretely what steps he will take and how he is working with the Province to ensure Hamilton gets LRT? Or is he just talking about some vague distant future that we can say nothing about ... maybe LRT by 2030?

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