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By LifelongHamiltonian (registered) | Posted March 13, 2015 at 09:53:13 in reply to Comment 110190

I'm happy you've decided to set roots in Hamilton, I myself have been here for 36 years and remember a time when the one way streets were fully utilized. As a matter of fact, I remember picking my late grandfather up at Canadian Canners, which then turned to American Can, and Finally Ball Packaging on Wellington Street North when I was but a wee lad. Like my name implies, I truly am a life long Hamiltonian, a fact I wear with pride.

I am not opposed to a two way street reversion, quite the opposite, I think it would be good for the city, good for the market and certainly better for navigating tourists much more efficiently.

The "agressive, mocking tone" was in direct response to the comment "The most effective design in Durand (and every other residential neighbourhood)". What I take exception to is the one size fits all rhetoric wherein the Dutch infrastructure is superior in every way possible and is the only answer.

There are different solutions for different situations, and even residential neighborhoods require an occasional through-fare. If we were honest with ourselves, two facts would become evident 1) Like it or not, we are a suburban culture; which lends itself to 2) A lot of people are married to the commuter lifestyle. The North American layout is vastly different to the urban centres of Europe and Asia.

The type of change being suggested, shifting the existing infrastructure to complete street design is something that may require a generational shift with the full support of alternate transit. Many people that currently work in the city simply won't commute 10-15km on a bicycle, and currently the much maligned HSR won't get you there in a reasonable amount of time either.

The types of change being suggested need constant, gentle nudges in the right direction rather than one fell swoop of change with clear, concise long term plans established. This is something that unfortunately the city has repeatedly failed at.

Play the long game, constant incremental improvements win over time.

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