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By jason (registered) | Posted March 14, 2015 at 22:05:40 in reply to Comment 110241

I would love to see Wilson converted to two-way all the way to Sherman. You can roll a ball underhand at King and Sherman right through the intersection of Wilson and Sherman. They almost touch. It's a simple, easy alternative to King. Then switch Bay to two-way. 1 lane each way, left turn lanes at lights and bike lanes both ways.

King should be like King/Queen in Toronto (which is exactly how our King used to be) - 1 lane each direction with curb parking on both sides. During morning rush hour, the parking is restricted for traffic headed into downtown. Even rush hour the opposite. Rest of the day, evening and weekend it's full parking.

Main: 2-way LRT, 2 eastbound car lanes with curb parking on one side of the street, except rush hour where it can become a 3rd car lane.

Traffic would flow fine, and in fact, better than it currently does by having all these two-way options without touching the precious Main St expressway that suburban councillors wouldn't dream of allowing in their wards, but insist on maintaining in the poor wards.

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