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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted March 20, 2015 at 14:23:04 in reply to Comment 110334

This is what the study reported under in the Abstract under "Results". Please don't mislead people about what this study concluded!

Results: The injury rate was 2.5 times higher on one-way streets than on two-way streets and 3 times higher for children from the poorest neighbourhoods than for those from wealthier neighbourhoods. SES, injury severity, number of lanes, collision location and type of traffic control were also found to be significantly different across street types.

As far as I know, the balance of recent studies find two way streets are safer overall (as well as being more convenient for residents and better for businesses) for a number of clear reasons (slower speeds, more attentive drivers due to oncoming traffic, fewer turning movements to reach destinations). There were some very old studies (from the 40s-60s when one way systems were first being introduced) that came to the opposite conclusions, but these conclusions have not been confirmed by more recent studies.

And note that this study used Hamilton data, so no one can claim "but this is Hamilton"!

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