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By ScreenCarp (registered) | Posted March 21, 2015 at 00:44:17 in reply to Comment 110337

I have difficulty finding much recent mention of the differences in my research, seeing complete designs for both one way and two way streets. Perhaps this is because it's not the issue we seem to make it here in Hamilton or perhaps it's simply because most conversions to one way were done in the 50's so the majority of comparisons are also from that age. I'm not convinced there are significant changes to either pedestrian or vehicle behaviour to discount older studies simply because of the date, although I agree the goals have changed. It's worth noting that these studies are pretty much universal in seeing a marked decrease in accident rates after converting to one way. More recently the inverse is true as we convert back to two way. For example we have Denver (1990) with a 37% increase in accidents, Lubbock (1995) with 41% and Cincinnati (1999) with a whopping 87% increase in the accidents. I suspect we'd see similar numbers from Hamilton with our current conversions.

Don't get me wrong, there are good reasons and situations to convert streets to two way. The evidence does not suggest safety is one of them.

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