Comment 110483

By Dylan (registered) | Posted March 24, 2015 at 18:01:21 in reply to Comment 110463

There's nothing inherently wrong with skepticism, but how exactly does one "question everything"?

We're not experts, so the questions to be asked in this case are:

Q. What do the experts say? A. Overwhelming agreement on man made or at least facilitated climate change.

Q. Is the data and methodology they use sound?
A. Difficult for a layman to answer, but ice and geological sampling would seem to be a pretty established science with quantifiable results. Objective comparisons, extrapolations, and conclusions should easily achievable.

Q. Is there reasonable suspicion that the experts would try to deceive the public? A. Unless the overwhelming majority of climatologists have investments in solar cell technology, I highly doubt it. People with money like to keep their money and maintain the status quo. Is declaring a climactic doomsday maintaining the status quo? No. Is denying it? Yes.

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