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By higgicd (registered) | Posted March 30, 2015 at 11:20:51 in reply to Comment 110715

HHS does unfortunately seem to be a voracious consumer of land for surface parking, and rapid transit proposals kind of miss the boat on better serving that hub.

Interesting idea re parking - though doing that might drive up the profitability of remaining private lots in the interim. A nefarious move would be the city doing the opposite and making all their lots free, thereby eroding the business case for private paid parking as a downtown land use!

As for the Tivoli I hope the issues raised in the article can be addressed without a trip to the OMB because they are all very reasoned. But as you've mentioned at root here is still outdated zoning that results in these battles occurring in the first place. Happy to see you guys fighting the good fight and if there is any way for a Jamestown resident to help lobby for the changes you're after I am on board. LRT may be turfed for the foreseeable future but reforming these more fundamental planning elements are key to truly remaking the city.

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