Comment 110735

By Steve (registered) | Posted March 30, 2015 at 14:16:40 in reply to Comment 110714

Regarding #1 - Wasn't that Sam Sniderman's property at that time of property deterioration and that's why he sold it for $2? I also heard via grapevine that other bids for the property were received, but "husband of board member" was highest. My info was grapevine, so I ask do you have other information which is fact?

Regarding #2 Seems fair for a heritage building (the theatre)

Regarding #3 Loan repaid in full, so what's the point?

Many developers get public benefit in many forms, seems that acting as a caretaker for 10 years on a heritage building should get something too. The city never showed any interest, look at the heritage buildings they have responsibility for care taking they are all falling down because no money (little) has been spent.

I guess you should have bought the property from Sam the Record Man for $3.

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