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By city watcher (anonymous) | Posted September 03, 2007 at 16:00:04

Re the downtown Hub concept...not sure. George Monbiot in 'Heat' says that it would be more efficient to have these on the outer edges of a town near to a highway so as to not bring those inner city buses into town.... (the challenge would be to NOT develop around these outer hubs...)Interesting concept.
AND he swims against the rail rapid transit concept that currently is so in vogue and suggests that buses give both the efficiency and convenience needed to rapidly get folks out of their cars.
Also, it strikes me as crazy to bring every single route downtown. We really don't need to do this...and if we didn't we wouldn't have the (numbers) problem of where to put this new depot that the city seems to think we need - and we definitely could immmediately get those buses off the south leg of King and out of the Gore!
So, I buy that we need some sort of 'hub' - or transfer point - but only for a few of the routes that need to come downtown.

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