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By John Neary (registered) | Posted April 27, 2015 at 10:19:23 in reply to Comment 111094

As long as there's bilateral curbside parking, I agree that the case for two-way traffic on the three blocks from Augusta to Charlton is marginal. The street is wide enough for two-way traffic with cars having to slow down or pull to the side to pass one another, but that works in tons of other neighbourhoods. On the other hand, the street grid in this area is well-connected and none of the other streets is one-way, so the inconvenience of one-way Catharine here is way less than in Beasley, where the high number of arterial roads make lateral movement between the north-south one-way streets more difficult (especially for cyclists).

The bigger problem here, as you allude to, is the inappropriate use of curbside space as cheap long-term parking for hospital employees. The city needs to massively raise the price of curbside parking around the hospitals and create parking benefit districts to return some of the revenue to the surrounding neighbourhoods in order to create buy-in. The provision of subsidized parking for patients who need it should be the responsibility of the hospitals, not the city.

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