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By Borrelli (registered) | Posted May 04, 2015 at 09:38:59

Thanks for spreading the word on this less than transparent move to expand blacktop parking in Hamilton's parking Mecca: Beasley. I will echo the credit you give Hamilton Health Sciences for trying to engage with the BNA (albeit a little too little, and a a little too late), but on this matter, I think residents are right in not budging.

It makes me ask the fundamental question: What are hospitals supposed to do? I think the answer is "Make people better", but this proposed parking expansion just looks to externalize the negative health effects to local residents. Those already living near to HGH can look forward to all the negative social and health effects creeping closer to their properties as HHS looks to secure more parking (and potential revenue) from the rapidly developing area at Barton & Wellington.

HHS & HGH are important partners in the Beasley community, but it's not enough to talk the talk. HHS/HGH need to start acting like a good neighbour, and that begins by talking to residents and seriously understanding their concerns about blacktop expansion. It also means proper planning, so the next time that HHS digs a hole for a hospital, it should also be looking at underground parking so that neighbours don't have to pay the high price for hospital growth.

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