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By kdslote (registered) | Posted May 04, 2015 at 11:20:12

Very frustrating!! I spoke against the initial parking lot at the planning committee back in 2009, arguing that it conflicted the then-pending Setting Sail Secondary Plan. Now that Setting Sail is in place, I can't believe it is still being ignored!

The argument back in 2009 was also that it did not prevent future residential development. In fact, then-councillor Bob Bratina touted it as a win for the neighbourhood because environmental remediation was (supposedly) done to the property before being paved over. Ironically, lands used as parking lots typically require remediation before they can be used for residential because of years of oil leaks, gas spills, etc.

Another parallel / connection to the Victor Veri Durand saga - Veri was one of the largest opponents to the lot back in 2009 (he owns some of the lots surrounding HGH, though he insisted that had nothing to do with his stance on the development).

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