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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted May 05, 2015 at 16:25:16 in reply to Comment 111414

McMaster has put a pretty big effort into managing parking demand and only a very small proportion of the McMaster community commutes by car. Nevertheless, they could do more to increase the lowest parking rates (currently $46 on the other side of Cootes) so they are at least as expensive as a bus pass (the highest rate is currently $101at underground lots).

Note that McMaster has about 4400 parking spots in total, and over 35,000 students and staff. The total number of full time students is about 27,000 (undergrad and grad), so there is only 0.16 parking spot per student.

This suggests that over 85% of the McMaster community does not drive to the campus, especially as parking is severely restricted in the neighbourhoods around campus. McMaster has actually decreased the amount of surface parking.

Even if you discount students, almost 40% of staff and faculty do not drive: over 10% cycle, over 15% take transit and 10% walk. Of those driving, 24% car pool.

What are the modal splits for HHS?

Has HHS made reducing demand for parking a priority? What have they done to encourage staff not to drive or to car pool (how does the rate compare to Mac's 24%)? Have they tried to negotiate a discounted transit pass? Have they lobbied for better HSR service? Have they tried to have cycle lanes improved around their hospitals?

They do seem to be putting a lot of effort into expanding surface parking, even hinting at a possible OMB appeal of the City's decision.

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