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By kdslote (registered) | Posted May 06, 2015 at 09:32:15 in reply to Comment 111414

There's an important distinction to be made when heralding public sector organizations such as HHS as drivers of our economy. Yes, they provide many middle to high income jobs. But, they do not generate wealth, rather, they redistribute it by funnelling tax dollars into our city. An economy built on public institutions (as Hamilton's is increasingly becoming) is a false and unsustainable one.

Small shops are 'gloated' on because they signal a healthy private sector, albeit, one that is propped up by the good paying jobs provided by the public sector.

Most importantly, this is not an either / or situation. We need institutions like HHS. We need small shops. We also need a host of private and public institutions between these two economic poles to ensure a vibrant, economically sustainable city.

So while we must support initiatives by HHS, we must temper this support by ensuring that it does not compromise the future economic viability of our city by sacrificing long term potential for present day short-sighted 'needs' such as surface parking.

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