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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted May 13, 2015 at 13:10:09

You could do whole article on wasted hatched-off space right where a bike-lane or two-way conversion needs to be.

Want to go South on Hess North? Apparently two-way conversion or contra-flow bike-lane sounds like work, let's just hatch off half the road:

Hess North

Want to keep traveling any direction but North at the end of York Boulevard's westbound bike-lane? Again, contra-flow lanes are hard, but just hatching off space is easy.

York between Hess and Caroline

York between Caroline and Bay

See also Caroline (no picture) - blocking off a lane into a dead-end was easier than continuing the 2-way conversion all the way to York, or providing any kind of cycling infrastructure. Obviously the reason Caroline wasn't converted to 2-way all the way up to York was because of the hair-pin turn at York, but thanks to York's bike-lanes that's no longer a hair-pin right turn - you now turn into the 2nd lane instead of the 1st. Therefore, Caroline could be 2-way right to York. It would require nothing but signs and paint - not even a changed traffic light.

And that's all just my own personal commute! There I'm sure other areas of the city could list just as many absurdities.

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