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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted May 29, 2015 at 11:29:53

James North is an interesting question. I see 4 options that could each be applied on a block-by-block basis from King to Barton.

1) Mixed Traffic. Let the LRT and cars use the same lanes. This is Chris Higgins' preferred approach (and I think he said it's the city's current plan), but I feel like it partially defeats the purpose of having an LRT, since the LRT would crawl slowly through dense James North traffic. But it lets us keep everything about JN's current form, so that's good.

2) No cars. Traffic can go through neighboring streets Bay, Hughson, and John, and then connect to the bridge over the tracks to the station via Barton. This might be bad for local businesses because of the loss of street-side parking, though.

3) 1 dedicated lane for cars in each direction and the same for LRTs. It means knocking out all the bump-outs and street-side parking forever. This one sacrifices local businesses and walkability for the sake of through traffic. I hate it. Could be applied just north of Barton over the bridge to connect to the GO station at Strachan.

4) Return James North to 1-way Southbound. Knock out the bump outs on the east side of the road to run the LRT there, and then leave the west (southbound) side of the road as-is. Means local businesses get to keep half of their street-side parking. Could be unpleasant in the east sidewalk as the LRT whooshes by. It's a compromise, but this is my personal preferred option.

Of course, we could change it up per-block - use option (2) from King to Cannon, and then option (3) from Cannon to Strachan.

What does everybody else think?

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