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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted May 29, 2015 at 13:44:47 in reply to Comment 111853

For International Village, I like option (2) as currently as a driver, I don't pull over in International Village because of cars fast-speeding behind me.

Turning Main Street into a 2-way street with 1 permanent streetside parking and easy turn lanes towards downtown, it would invite me to stop more often. As a carowner I may grumble but I already know that zero shuttered storefronts are more important locally, and I fortunately have Red Hill Valley Parkway as a faster crosstown alternative now, if I'm driving from Stoney Creek to downtown - I find it is now faster than trying to fight my way through in Lower City. These days, we do not need Main/King to be urban expressways anymore, and whenever driving that route, I drive that route because I might feel like stopping at all the wonderful new establishments that pops up. With more stops on Main Street, more pedestrians come to International village even when there is no longer any cars in International Village. This keeps the LRT fast and convenient for the entire route, if we don't have any mixed traffic on the B-Line, and I'd take it to commute to Toronto, if I can quickly LRT to the GO station, without being slowed down by rush-hour traffic.

So I propose closing International Village to cars.

International Village will protest.

But we need detours during LRT construction.

So as a trial, let's make Main Street a 2-way street before LRT construction.

This will help revitalize it quickly (as LRT construction will take many years). It will also allow International Village to realize that it's a good idea after all, to turn it into a pedestrian/transit-only section and that their business will actually improve (except during construction inconvenience).

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