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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted May 29, 2015 at 17:05:44 in reply to Comment 111860

I think B-Line needs to service McMaster students (including at Jackson Square) very well, and also be a good way to go crosstown in Lower City. The Wellington route would be best as a separate LRT route rather than a B-Line diversion. But I don't think Wellington bus traffic warrants an LRT.

Also, all-day GO service was mentioned to be going to Hunter street, instead of West Harbour, though that can change. So it's best to continue the B-Line down.

West Harbour is on the Niagara GO route (where they'll someday get all-season GO service) and Metrolinx needs it to build westwards, plus it's the only place near downtown to build parking garages for free parking, to save the drive to Aldershot or Burlington for Mountain people. So we need both Hunter GO (downtown friendly and B-Line friendly) and JamesNorth (Niagara friendly route, StoneyCreek-to-Hamilton rapid commutes, car-friendly, James Street friendly, residential friendly). The A-Line spur will connect the two GO stations.

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