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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted May 29, 2015 at 17:11:03 in reply to Comment 111863

How can we help convince International Village?

I understand some of them may be reluctant but count the streetside parking -- there's only a few over there! They don't get much business from the streetside parking in International Village, especially some of them just walk into Denniger's or elsewhere. But Denniger's has a huge International Village parking lot that's easily accessible from Main. As a quid pro quo that big parking lot could become free for all International Village customers.

Show an International Village receipt (with timestamp), you get free parking. There's enough room for a hundred cars. Denniger's does not need hundreds of cars. Parking lot is almost never more than half full even during midday.

People will do this just to "get away" with free parking even when they are also shopping elsewhere too. But that's fine -- everyone wins because International Village received business they would otherwise not have!

Can we make a special deal with Denniger's parking lot?
Even at least as a temporary trial lasting a few months?
Even paid with fundraising? So International Village is happier with car-free King after Main Street 2-way conversion?

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