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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted May 30, 2015 at 22:05:26 in reply to Comment 111882

I work at the HGH, so naturally I agree with LRT to HGH.

Remember that the GO terminal isn't on Barton, but Strachan, so that's where the existing plan ends. However, Strachan could still work for LRT - there's a narrow strip of greenspace on the South side of Strachan that could still work as an LRT track up until Wellington.

So we get 2 additional stops: one at the Mary Street Pedestrian Bridge, and one for HGH.

After HGH it likely would have to turn into a simple service-spur, if there's even room for that. I don't know which land is part of the CN rail ROW and which land is owned by the city. I mean, there's empty space for tracks, but it's a question of what space is "available" along Birge to Wentworth.

picture of Strachan/Birge route

Either way, HGH would be a nice terminus. And the area northeast of HGH semi-disused industrial that's already attracting developers interested in creating new businesses there.

But obviously, the west harbour is also attracting developers. Possibly you could head North from Wellington or Victoria but that's going straight into active industrial territory that is unlikely to get the condo loving we're seeing west of there.

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