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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted June 03, 2015 at 12:35:01 in reply to Comment 111958

Before someone claims that 80-90km/h is sheer hyperbole, I'd like to remind the readers that the 2002 Durand Traffic study found that the 40% of traffic on minor-arterial streets (e.g. Herkimer/Charlton) exceeded 50km/h and 200 vehicles per day exceeded 65 km/h. With 200 vehicles per day exceeding 65 km/h it seems reasonable that there will be several vehicles each day approaching 80-90km/h.

Indeed, even the speed data from the mobile radar trailer (which displays vehicle speeds) that was set up on Herkimer next to Durand Park last year registered maximum speeds of 80-90km/h each day of its operation:

March 25: 80 km/h (at 11:00 pm)

March 26: 80 km/h (at 6:00pm and 11:00pm)

March 27: 80 km/h (at 8:00am)

March 28: 80 km/h (at 11:00pm)

March 29: 80 km/h (at 2:00am, 6:00am, 10:00pm)

March 30: 90 km/h (at 3:00 pm, with 80km/h max at 1:00pm and 11:00pm)

March 31: 80 km/h (at 8:00am)

April 1: 80 km/h (at 9:00am)

Many of the hourly max speeds were 70km/h (e.g. 11 hours out of 24 on March 28). And you'll note that many of the highest daily speeds occurred during daytime hours when children would be playing in the park!

This is especially surprising since the goal of the visible speed indicator is to slow traffic by advertising the vehicle's (illegal) speed. And the trailer was adjacent to a children's playground!

Then again, maybe it's not so surprising after all that people are often driving 70-80km/h: these streets (shockingly) are actually designed for 70km/h:

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