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By Di Ianni dilemma made easy (anonymous) | Posted September 28, 2006 at 01:47:11

For those who are unconvinced about Di Ianni after Macleans article, what about the following:

- Red Hill (so many problems here it would take months to list them all!)

- From Red Hill we also get a lawsuit against the Federal government and an attack on 7 citizens who cared about the valley, one year after all active opposition had ceased!

- An attempt to privatise water!

- at least two counts of conflict of interest involving his assistant and his assistants wife occupation first as part of a firm getting untendered contracts and then as a lobbyist for Maple Leaf

- The Legionnaires outbreak scandle

- Refused to allow thorough air quality testing to protect kids near the new expressway

- The failed Maple Leaf deal which had him on bended knee to a corpporation

- Closure of the city run animal shelter and the reduction of Animal control to a ticket dispenser, animal execution block and licence bureau

- Rising taxes and lowered service

- soot class action lawsuit now pending against the city

- flooding class action lawsuit pending aginst the city

- HSR class action lawsuit pending against the City

- Tree maintenance down to lowest ever at 25 year cycle

- Failed Aerottrpoplis fiasco

- Pending push for mid-pen. highway

- Jamesville violence (and violence in general)

- Lack of arts funding

- Halfway house is still here after lady is stabbed

- unnecessary purchase of street sweeper

- growing municipal debt

- campaign donation violations

Need I go on??????

The nightmare of his reign should I hope make everyone at least think twice before voting for backroom deals and financial mismanagement. His campaign finance violations obviously show a definite trend toweards dishonesty and mismanagement. Can Hamilton truly handle 4 more years of this? Even a business magazine lowered Hamilton in the rankings as a place to do business (for those who believe this is all a city is good for). If Di Ianni is crowned once again, there is no hope for Hamilton. There will be no reason fro any progressive papers or websites for they will only be able to bear witness to Hamilton's continued decay.

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