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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted June 15, 2015 at 10:01:15

What insane person suggested Longwood go 1-way? And which roads run alongside his family's local school so that can get the same treatment?

I'm, honestly confused why Longwood carries so much traffic, since most of the major destinations would involve turning East or West on Main. Longwood North mostly just feeds into the North half of Westdale. For point of reference, I live in Westdale and I drive fairly frequently and I never find myself driving North up Longwood. I actually find the reverse more common - you can't turn left from Main onto Longwood South, so if you want to get from King to the 403 West you have to go South on Longwood.

In fact, if you made Longwood 1-way you'd have to allow left-turns onto Longwood South so drivers could use Paradise->Main->Longwood S (currently illegal), which creates a whole new traffic snarl.

The only reason I'd ever want to see Longwood go 1-way would be if they decided to run the LRT on it (aside: a Longwood/King would be an awesome LRT stop if they wanted to go that way, because I'm disappointed the stop closest to the Village in the current LRT plan is Longwood/Main).

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