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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted June 15, 2015 at 17:12:23 in reply to Comment 112262

I can see the appeal of wanting to get the cars through the Longwood/Main intersection faster. Longwood is, admittedly, a bit of a mess at Main generally.

But still, this means that every Westdaler trying to go to the 403 via Longwood South must now take Paradise->Main->Longwood, which is currently illegal, or go via Dalewood (1km west of there), or use one of the challenging unprotected left-turns available in-between.

So we need to add new left-turn functionality to the Longwood/Main intersection... intersection which is planned to become an LRT platform in 10 years or so.

Redirecting North/South traffic along Main at Longwood seems like it would be terribly short-sighted, even ignoring the other issues of a 1-way longwood.

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