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By jason (registered) | Posted June 15, 2015 at 22:27:07

FYI, if anyone dares to walk around Main and the 403 ramps (I've done it, climbing the hill in front of the Spec etc....) you'll see that the 403 ramps can very easily be reconfigured to exit perpendicular to Main St at a new signalized intersection like every. single. Linc. ramp.

The Main ramp from the 403 Westbound currently sweeps into the north curb lane of Main. The land already exists beside this ramp to have it bend to the south, instead of east approaching Main so the ramp faces Main. Cars could then go left, or right onto Main. Like every. single. Linc. ramp.

The Main St ramp from 403 Eastbound can also veer north, instead of east into the south curb lane and also give cars the option to go right or left like every. single. Linc. ramp.

Very easy fix that doesn't require a massive rebuild. Cars wishing to head to the 403 from downtown can drive west on a two-way Main and use Dundurn to go to King.

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