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By jason (registered) | Posted June 18, 2015 at 15:36:56

A good example of main street infill without overwhelming the neighbourhood is being built at Main and Kenilworth:

I suggested to city planners a couple years ago to have buildings at this narrow size and scale be approved for the empty lots or current one-storey plazas along York Blvd with no surface parking out back. As always, there's no such thing as public feedback welcomed at city hall and they rejected our suggestions, which were being made to counter their suggestions to allow 20+ storey buildings along York with dozens of century homes demolished on side streets to provide giant surface parking lots.

So, we fought for a while and eventually the neighbourhood 'won' and the empty lots will remain empty forever (or until we hire some planners who have a clue)

Another huge missed opportunity taking place as we speak is the new Pan Am district high school

They are proposing a surface parking lot literally AT a future LRT station.

Very easily could have put parking on the main floor behind a street-facing entry foyer and added much needed new housing above:

Toronto has recently begun adding housing and neighbourhood retail (grocery store etc...) to new school projects. Here's the new North TO Collegiate High School in Toronto

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