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By Rights (anonymous) | Posted July 13, 2015 at 21:03:07 in reply to Comment 112751

A right is essentially an enforceable agreement. A thing becomes a right when people agree it should be a right. My guess is as between them workers feel that the employers owe them the right to park at their place of employment. Stelco had huge lots. Every rural employer not serviced by public transit has a parking lot. My guess is that in their contractual relations, the issue of the right to park never even came up because it was a tacit agreement between the parties that people could park for free. Revenue Canada poking about to raise revenue so public employees can have better pensions means little.

There are many tings provided through employment that Revenue Canada does not deem taxable even though they could argue they should be. Just because the Ontario labour code requires the provision of the benefit does not mean that Revenue Canada is bound not to tax the benefit.

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