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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted July 14, 2015 at 13:18:41 in reply to Comment 112745

In addition, I can attest to many (carefully chosen) Hamilton Lower City roads being safer for bikes than Toronto. I have a close one who broke his hip having an accident with the streetcar rails on Broadview Avenue - bike wheel slipped into streetcar rail groove.

Being a pedestrian in Hamilton is kinda dangerous too, especially if you frequently cross the middle of 1-way streets due to large distances between stoplights. At least with a bike, you have the option to reach more sedate residential roads further away, rather than being forced to walk through a district of 1-way streets. A shocking number of pedestrians are killed in Hamilton. In a short period (I think 2013?), 8 pedestrians got killed -- far more than Hamilton bike deaths.

Just don't blindly bike Hamilton Lower City willy nilly without knowing your options. I don't even need to worry about Victoria (I go underpass). I don't even need to worry about Claremont (I go underpass). Wentworth is pretty safe (because I cross at a pretty non-threatening location with predictable traffic, no hidden turns for sudden car apperance & excellent visibility for cars-to-me & me-to-cars). Ditto, ditto for other locations. Be bike smart!

Agree that the 1-way grid is insane for non-car-users.

Be bike smart. Keep your head on a swivel. Stay visible.

P.S. Thank goodness they converted James to 2-way. We need more of this to happen:

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