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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted July 23, 2015 at 11:00:32

This could be manageable on a SoBi bike as well, too, with some minor upgrades, and publication on maps.

We should put bike maps on SoBi stations showing Hamilton's emerging cycle network, helped by the heatmapping and the fixing of dead-end bike lanes (better Hunter-Stinson connection! I became almost lost on my SoBi last night when the Hunter bike path deadended eastwards on Hunter and bike path directed me to a right-turn into something almost dead-end before I had to pull out my phone and double-check how to get to Stinson.

Even as a car-owner -- I notice Claremont Access is quite wide (7 lanes at widest!) and that's pretty overkill. Even myself (bike-lover/LRT-lover/2-way King-Main advocate) can support a LINC/RHVP widening to 6 lanes, YET Claremont Access was excessively engineered since there's no 7 lane throughfares at the bottom or top. It would have made more sense to have more accesses rather than one massive access. Cars, bikes, people (especially many older who can't walk stairs). One lane could be reassigned to cycling (via putting jersey barriers on top of of the dashed lines) and building a scenic lookout bay for resting/water fountains halfway up the mountain. Perhaps not this decade or next, as there's never a peak hour even with the temporarily-narrowed Claremont Access.

Fix the retaining wall, but don't reopen the closed lane; instead fancy-it-up and reassign it to pedestrians and bikes (but protect the bikes with a jersey barrier) with a scenic lookout bay with water fountains to make it worth an attraction. Only when the bike culture grows big enough (i.e. 5-10-20-30 years?). We got many budget priorities, alas...

But let's start small.

Fixing this cycle path would be a huge improvement to mountain access for bikes (with zero pissing-off car owners) -- for much cheaper.

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