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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted July 23, 2015 at 13:18:04 in reply to Comment 113027

Great ideas, if there's at least a small rest area (water fountain and scenic lookout). A mid-path scenic lookout bay protruding southwards somewhere part-way up Claremont Access -- with a water fountain in the middle. I don't think the bike traffic warrants the operating costs of a bike lift, but if a simple Cannon bike path treatment (plus Jersey barriers for safety!!) is done, I'd use it a couple or three times per summer with a SoBi. Especially for a downhill ride. :)

Only after much-needed city funding priorities, because we'd probably have to expensively fix the broken retaining wall problem first to free up a car lane before taking a lane away again for bikes. (Realistically -- zero lane takeaway is probably the only way our council can get along with installing bike paths on Claremont). And even so, let's first get citywide SoBi and we've given our city bike routes the Minneapolis-style BikeWays treatment.

So, initially improving this 'secret' bike path first as an initial cheaper move.

Even as a car-owner, this access is overkill. Claremont Access was actually designed as 7 lanes wide but only 2 lanes are in use per direction, and this access doesn't even currently slow down during rush-hour. Unused peak capacity can be reassigned.

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