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By highasageorgiapine (registered) | Posted July 29, 2015 at 10:02:44

first, this article has nothing to do with hamilton.

regardless, i don't see how a popular politician attempting to re-enter politics after a failed yet important mayoral campaign is a problem. i wouldn't categorize olivia chow as a "serial quitter" as much as someone who has attempted to better the lives of her constituents and city in the most effective way possible. if she didn't enter the mayoral race you would have had no progressive voice in that election, and i think anyone who advocated for responsible urban development was hoping for her success.

the libertarian creed of "the market is a perfect, efficient machine" as espoused in this article feels a bit out of place. we talk about public spending a lot because it's just that, public. you don't get to see the receipts for the liquid lunches and golf "meetings" your bosses attend (tax deductible nonetheless). not to mention the fact that this market is distorted by corporate welfare implemented by governments that still believe in voodoo economics despite the mounting evidence against it. anyways, what that has to do with chow isn't really clear aside from the fact that she probably isn't a free marketeer and the writer is.

i don't like chow's brand of politics at all, but she has conviction and a belief that her views are best for those she wants to represent. the fact that this race is going to be hers to lose shows that people believe the same thing. i don't think assigning a dollar sign to democracy really has much value when there are much more egregious expenses we can examine.

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