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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted July 29, 2015 at 12:43:22

How can we expedite the low-hanging fruits before the end of summer season?

There are people in our Hall who probably already agree today (even Fred Eisenberger advocated SoBi expansion), and I know my ward's councillor Matthew Green is all for it.

We're not asking for a bike lanes megaproject -- but work on a few blocks here and there to fix bike-lane gaps (only one to three blocks long) and fix dead-end-bike-lane issues that suddenly end in the middle of nowhere, or tells me to turn onto a nearly dead-end street, without knowing where the bike lanes resumes (often just two blocks later). For example, riding eastwards home from Downtown Hamilton GO Station -- how do I ride from Hughson bike lane to the Stinson bike lane?? I got lost once, and had to carry my bike down a staircase when I actually didn't have to.

This would be politically/business less risky than installing bike lanes on Locke (it definitely should happen eventually, but there are even LOWER HANGING fruit that has near-zero political risk -- there's a stupid one-block bike lane gap on Hunter when riding eastwards from Downtown GO)

  1. This is where I was: Hunter St eastwards, forced left on Liberty St. S

  2. This was my next view: Liberty St southwards

  3. Where do I go to keep going eastwards? I keep riding until next sign.

  4. Two blocks southwards, I am being forced to turn left again -- a U-turn! End of Liberty St, with one-way sign forcing me to turn left on Grage St

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