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By Ben (anonymous) | Posted July 29, 2015 at 15:44:42

@ hey ben
'As for her current job, teaching at Ryerson University, she's only had it since March." What do you care'

I care because it shows she can't stick to anything and she doesn't appear to know what she wants to do. It's the same as looking through a resume that skits all over the place. What do you want to do exactly?

'Guess we'll see this letter in the Star soon, eh Ben?'
Would that be a problem? Is it not OK to try and communicate your opinions and generate discussion? If you're going to poke at least prod a little deeper.

'Run yourself as a candidate.Being noisy & being of substance not the same thing.'
Some of us grumble to ourselves and do nothing. Some of us don't pay attention at all. Some of us try to stay informed and join the discussion. Some of us take action on the sidelines or directly in government. I like to stay informed and join the discussion. If the argument here has no substance then pls call me on it - that's why we have a comment feature. I'll decide what role I play in our democracy thanks all the same.

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