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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted August 06, 2015 at 15:30:03 in reply to Comment 113305

The ramps don't necessarily need to be redone. There are two solutions I see:

(A) Scenario A (no changes to ramps)

  • Keep 403 ramps unchanged.
  • For now, keep Main/King one-way east of Dundurn.
  • Force westward-driving Main Street traffic to turn right onto Dundurn. It's an easy right-turn. The main problem is the left turn onto King to reach the King on-ramp.
  • Purchase/lease about 5 meters of land from the Dundurn Mall to widen the 1-block of Dundurn between Main King, for the extra road capacity needed to route westward Main traffic towards the King on-ramp.
  • Install dual left-turning lanes on Dundurn northwards turning left onto King.
  • For increased traffic safety, install overhead sign at Dundurn-King intersection to tell 403 on-ramp people to wait in the rightmost left-turning lane.
  • This is just ONE block of ONE extra traffic lane for Dundurn, possibly temporary.

(B) Scenario B (minor changes to ramps)

I prefer Scenario B, but I can tolerate Scenario A for now as a very cheap temporary interim solution.

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