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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted August 10, 2015 at 13:08:55 in reply to Comment 113371

No. Keep the HSR buses (they are important).
And yes, shorter buses are a good idea. I agree.

I'm just saying how incredibly brilliant the SoBi bikeshare system is. And comparing how efficient the SoBi cost was!

Even Toronto complimented Hamilton:

"Why is Hamilton’s bike sharing scheme more popular than Toronto’s?"

The ironic point is that we launched a brand new public-transit bikes system that has become more popular, now used by more users, now has 100% farebox recovery today, and cheaper than many of HSR low-traffic bus routes. That's sheer brillance that Hamilton now got a bikeshare system better than Toronto's. And a whole fleet with an operating cost that is less than one HSR bus, mentioned simply only for comparision's sake, and fully reimbursed by its own fares (unlike for most bus systems).

This is not advocating HSR reduction. We need HSR expansion. This is simply advocating the sheer brillance of adding an additional new public transit option to Hamilton. This is not mutually exclusive with HSR expansion.

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