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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted August 10, 2015 at 13:31:40 in reply to Comment 113381

...Although.... Not my preference, but if Hamilton needed cost-saving space to store snow (snowplow windrows) when the lanes are rarely used... in some kind of a creative seasonal dynamic-use instead of attempting to grow winter bike use.... I guess I could tolerate it, as long as surface cleaning is done rapidly (even in midwinter or early spring) to clear the slippery sand/dirt/etc off the lanes after the snow mounds melt. And repair any snowplow damages such as replacing missing/bent knockdown poles quickly. The post-melt crud left behind is often more slippery to bike wheels than riding a bike on a thin layer of soft non-icy snow. Don't wait until May to sweep/vaccuum the bike lanes only once a year, if City unavoidably decides to use lanes as snow storage during winter ...

...this will at least amplify the average annual bike ratio for bikes during bike-open days to far more heavily favor bikes (simply by the mere removal of winter-ride statistics, because of lane use as cost-saving snow storage). This would solidly cement the worth of the Cannon Bike Lanes for bikes, and may make bike infrastructure expansions more likely...

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