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By ScreamingViking (registered) | Posted August 20, 2015 at 00:30:04

Great article. This is about as comprehensive as it gets.

Some observations jumping off from this piece - I see our two stations as being complementary rather than competitive or 'either/or':

  • The downtown Hamilton GO Centre provides a very direct connection to city bus services along multiple routes (which could be vastly improved, especially the current A-Line express), and connections to regional inter-city buses, so there should be a good market for hourly or better GO train service there (and if they can resolve the Hunter St. tunnel issue that will ease any train congestion problems).
  • The West Harbour station provides an alternative, with the future connections eastward into Stoney Creek and the Niagara Peninsula. But it will take time for ridership to justify many trains beyond Hamilton, especially until the train can rival the speed of QEW bus connections to Burlington. Maybe the Niagara business case will be advanced, but as a Lakeshore West user I read far too many "service updates" for the summer Niagara Falls trains where they're held up at the Welland Canal, so I don't know if regular service can match what buses can currently provide, at least not more than a few peak period trains per day.

However it plays out, it's great to finally see train service being prioritized in the Hamilton area.

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