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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted August 31, 2015 at 19:13:00 in reply to Comment 113694

The obvious reason is that motorists have far more ability to cause harm to others than pedestrians, and the fact that thousands of Canadians are killed and tens of thousands are seriously injured by motorists each year should make this obvious. Almost no one is killed or seriously injured by pedestrians and cyclists (almost all cyclists deaths and serious injuries are due to collisions with vehicles).

Pedestrians and cyclists are especially vulnerable as they are completely unprotected.

Allowing motorists to proceed while pedestrians are still in the crosswalk is dangerous as it encourage motorists to take chances by approaching pedestrians too closely. Having stopped cars is also a clear signal to other motorists that a pedestrian is crossing and they need to slow down and yield.

And, of course, cyclists and pedestrians can and are ticketed by police for unsafe behaviour.

But they just are not as dangerous as motorists and they are far more vulnerable which is why motorists are more strictly regulated.

These recommendations are the direct result of recent Coroners recommendations on pedestrian and cycling injuries and deaths.

p.s. It is completely legal for cyclists to overtake slow moving vehicles on the right provided there is sufficient space. Some motorists seem to feel that cyclists should never be allowed to overtake a car (either on the right or left)!

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