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By philantro (anonymous) | Posted September 06, 2015 at 01:14:50

Fantastic idea. But protected bike lanes in an alley way? I don't think it's too conclusive of an idea for the area.

I live in the area, cycle everyday, been here all my life and would never use it. Between Gage Street and Sherman Avenue, if I'm going westerly it's more than likely I would be taking Beechwood Avenue to Sherman Avenue, cutting into the long stretch of alley that goes from Sherman Ave. to Birch Ave., continuing onto Harvey St. to Sanford Ave..

Since the Cannon Bike Lanes, going westerly I usually proceed onto Beechwood to Sherman, ride south to just after Rosemont either take a partial alleyway trip(west), then south to the Cannon Bike Lanes on a side street, or go against the traffic from Beechwood to Cannon, on Sherman depending if it's busy or not to make my way to the Cannon Lanes.

Going easterly, I ride on Beechwood Ave. to Balsam Ave., up to the Cannon Bike Lanes and proceed when needed.

What I can see is, if the protected bike lanes are implemented in the alleyway, it may or may not be good for the businesses along the Barton BIA. One would figure the businesses in that area would use the area for transportation/ delivery of goods. Bicycles competing with commercial and regular vehicles going in and out of the alley.

Whether going east or west, the Cannon Lanes are always the option because I live close to Cannon Street, but closer to Beechwood. If the protected bike lanes were implemented in the alleyway below Barton, I would not use them.

Not related:

What I would like to see is more road work/ bike lanes going easterly from Gage Ave And Ottawa Street, on Cannon Street East onto Britannia Ave. to Strathearne Ave. Or continuing to Parkdale.

Prior to Bike Lanes and BIAs and committing to a long ride, I always used Cumberland as my bike track to get downtown because it was(is) one of the smoothest rides in the city. It connected me to downtown via rail trail going westerly(yes riding uphill on wentworth to the rail trail). Or, if going easterly, south on Gage cutting through Gage Park to Lawrence Road and taking Lawrence Road easterly. A little dangerous but it connected me to Redhill/ Rosedale area trails. After the Redhill Expressway went in, I rode it sparsely.

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