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By highasageorgiapine (registered) | Posted September 16, 2015 at 12:34:18

hospitals are hooked on parking revenue thanks to declining resources from the government and increasing expenditures related to chronic illness treatment. in every way possible they are trying to save a dollar, and it's wrong. that being said the city doesn't even play hardball with the most low-life of developers and corporate stakeholders in this city so expect to be disappointed.

also, naming the west harbour go and barton bus as good commuting options for hospital workers is not appropriate. the west harbour go is useless for hospital shift workers, and is basically useless for anyone who isn't a toronto-bound desk jockey. the barton is still notoriously late and perceived as being fairly unsafe/unkempt. i don't necessarily disagree with that sentiment. actually developing a rapid transit line for barton would be an amazing idea that would help foster long term growth in a disadvantaged part of the city but that seems to be a non-starter

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