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By CatherineAhern (registered) | Posted September 16, 2015 at 15:38:52

Here's what I ended up sending to Jason Farr:

Dear Councillor Farr:

I am writing you as a concerned resident to express my support for the City's decision to deny Hamilton Health Sciences rezoning application to enlarge their existing surface parking lot at Ferguson and Barton. I firmly support the position adopted by the City, the Beasley Neighbourhood Association and other individuals and citizens groups.

Hospitals should be leading the way to support active transportation and healthy communities, which protects communities against high prevalence of chronic disease and mental illness. It is shocking that Hamilton Health Sciences wants to build further infrastructure so people who don't live in the area can drive through the back yards of poorer neighborhoods, leaving a barren wasteland of asphalt behind them during non-business hours.

Yet another surface parking lot will only serve to further entrench the many health problems that face many people in our "code red" neighborhoods. This motion before the OMB is in direct contradiction to the hospitals's mission to provide excellent healthcare and its stated values of respect, caring and accountability.

I thank you in advance for working with Hamilton Health Sciences and Beasley and North End residents to find a safer, healthier, and more community-minded alternative to surface parking lot expansion. Thank you for upholding a high standard for development in Hamilton's lower city.


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