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By no sense (anonymous) | Posted September 30, 2015 at 18:12:55 in reply to Comment 114013

Dude, you're not making sense. If I were in Paris, and my minimum wage is 8.24 USD (see businessinsider dot com/minimum-wage-around-the-world-2015-5 ) and the price of gas is $1.58 USD, I think I would be making driving decisions based on that. Here, with minimum wage being $11.25 and gas being under a dollar, it's costing me a lot more to drive than bike anywhere. So yeah, I'm going to be asking for bike infrastructure because it's not cheap to drive. Here, 10% of my pay per hour pays for a litre of gas. It's way more cost effective to drive here, and as such, people drive more and cycle less.

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