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By CharlesBall (registered) | Posted October 06, 2015 at 14:13:44

Most of the day Aberdeen is a minor arterial (who chooses these names) but at rush hour (about 4 hours a day) it is a not a shortcut, it is heavily traveled and a mandatory route for thousands of people a day.

The light at Dundurn is a spectacular waste of time and a failure. At rush hour, you can sit there for two light changes before you can get through westbound and very often traffic stops in all direction (mostly no-one heading northbound on Dundurn.)

There should not be and there is no need for parking on Aberdeen.

The condition of the road is deplorable. Someone is going to get killed riding their bike along the edge of the road by the sidewalk. It is a danger to cyclists and pedestrians and a destroyer of cars.

The road should be reconstructed. Bike lanes should be put in with divisions from traffic (this will protect pedestrians from splashes as will the new road surface.). Parking should be banned completely and the light at Dundurn should be a normal stoplight.

It could probably be a "one and a half" lane road with one lane of traffic in each direction with right turn lanes at Locke, Dundurn, Queen, and Longwood westbound and a middle left turn lane the whole way down.

Because it is a bus route, their also needs to be places for the buses to pull out of traffic so they are not blocking traffic to pick up and drop off passengers.

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