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By Stephen Barath (anonymous) | Posted October 06, 2015 at 14:43:40

During last year's Ward 1 Participatory Budget, a road diet on Aberdeen was one of the top vote-getters by ward residents. It was decided not to allocate funding to a proper road diet because it was likely to meet opposition (from outside of the ward). People who live near Aberdeen want it to be calmed, and there's little reason it couldn't be.

I appreciate your bringing up the fact that, when any amount of rain falls, it's unlikely to be able to walk down Aberdeen without being splashed by a motorist. This probably seems like a pretty trivial complaint to anyone who mostly doesn't get around my foot. My walk down Aberdeen is to my job, and to me the fact that I can't get to my job without a car splashing my trousers is a failure of our transportation network in the same way a big pothole damaging a car's transmission might be to a motorist.

Other cities have boulevards separating humans from live traffic. This isn't possible on every single street, but they don't put 1500 millimeter-wide sidewalks directly adjacent to streets that encourage fast-moving traffic. Not as often as Hamilton does, anyway.

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