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By ergopepsi (registered) | Posted October 06, 2015 at 22:37:37

I commute to Toronto twice a week for work. To get home I always exit the 403 at Aberdeen and then go left at Locke to get home. So I essentially 'go around the back'. The reasons I don't get off at Main are first that it is really hard to cross Main to get to Dundurn from that off ramp and second, Dundurn between 4 and 6 is like a PARKING LOT if you're going South. What do I see looking way down the line of cars? Virtually everyone signaling left onto Aberdeen. And you know where they're going - up Beckett Drive... Who are all these people?? The only ones who should really be using that would be living in the area bounded by Mohawk/the Escarpment/ W5 and Sanatorium but even then is sitting for 15 minutes on Dundurn worth it? The 403 was moving fine. Take it up the mountain, get off at the Linc and then Mohawk / Garth.

No way do I want to see it being made easier for more cars to use this area. Make it harder and get those folks using the highway. When 220 Dundurn is done and we have couple hundred more neighbours Dundurn will be impassable at rush hour. GOOD.

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